Friday, February 27, 2015

Win by a Surprise Move

by Lin Hsin-Chen
Taiwan is located in the subtropical region. We have rare chance of seeing snow in the winter. Due to extreme climate anomalies in 2014, we got some snow. I observed how plants overcome the threat of extreme weather. They are adorable; especially the small daisies that strive to survive. They show us their surprise move of glorious living. I am sending them my best wishes, and therefore I sew unique colors on them.

What touched me is the energy of team work. When I was creating this piece, we had a mayoral election in Taiwan. The incumbent mayor of Taipei City is also a surgeon. He changes the city with his mission of life-saving. He said some nice words, “Ask yourself to do your best at every current situation. Adjust yourself and be friendly to people, events, substances and environments. Make all-out effort to the current situation.” This concept shocks me. Over a long period of time, I have been worked hard, but I didn’t make all-out effort. It will affect my future value of life and reverse my observation and thinking. Both the incumbent mayor of Taipei City and small daisies are creating new value of life with their finite lives. I thank them for giving me the opportunity to comprehend the truth and improve myself.

Launching new methods and perspectives, win by a surprise move, swing for the fences, highlight the value of individual honor and enhance the value of the group - this is the challenge I give myself in the second cycle of Viewpoints 9. I hope to apply my daily observations to the 9 pieces of work I create. As a result, "observations" have been accompanying me in the past 18 months and giving me the joy of creating. Coincidentally, the ninth challenge of cycle 2 from Diane is something about “swing for the fences”. What a perfect ending! Thank you, Diane! I would also like to thank members of Viewpoints 9 for giving me such a substantial journey.

Materials: silk, recycled banner, commercial cottons, ribbon, lace, woolen yarn, dyed fabrics, Romanian threads, embroidery floss, selvedge
Techniques: hand pieced, hand appliqué, hand knitted, yoyo, three layers quilted

Size: 18” x 27”


  1. Thank you, Hsin-Chen! I always have something to think about after I read your statement about your work. It is always beautiful and full of meaning. Very inspiring to me.

  2. I agree, there are always fascinating connections shown in your work statements, Hsin-Chen - they make you look at the work with different eyes and more understanding.

  3. Thank you Martha and Alicia! I was worried about people would not be interested in my lengthy statement. I am glad to know that you enjoy reading them. In fact, the statements are not special and meaningful. I just wanted to record what I feel and think when I create the works and tell the stories to the viewers. It also reminds me to keep learning and improve myself.

    I hope to share more with you in our next cycle!