Alicia Merrett

United Kingdom

My passion is colour; I use it in my own personal way. The natural and urban environments, literature, geography, and history, are my main inspiration. My way of seeing reflects my background in photography.

Maps fascinate me; I believe them to be an ancient and important part of mankind’s need to interpret and understand the world around us.  My maps are sometimes completely imaginary, and other times they are loosely based on historical or contemporary maps and aerial views.

I was born and brought up in Argentina, but have lived in the UK for a long time, first in London and now in Somerset. My work is in private and public collections and I exhibit and teach in Britain and internationally.

I am a member of Studio Art Quilts Associates, the British Guild’s Contemporary Quilt group, Contemporary Quilters West, Through Our Hands, Somerset Guild of Craftsmen, and the Society of Designer Craftsmen.

"Blue Harbor"