Friday, February 27, 2015

We all dance around the sun

 We all dance around the sun 36"square
Thanks Diane, this has been a fun challenge on which to end this second round. I have been concentrating on printing fabrics with the plants and foliage I find in my local Australian environment so it seemed serendipity that when the challenge was announced, I had this gum and flowering wattle fabric waiting. I have added 9 colourful butterflies as representative of our members.
No matter which part of the world we live in, we all dance around the sun on planet earth.

Materials: cotton, wadding, threads, dye, textile ink, fusible
Techniques: Hand dyed and printed, machine applique, machine quilted.


  1. This is a magical piece, Sue! There is so much motion and perspective created by the circle of leaves. Almost a whirlpool…just great. And so true - - as spread out as we are, we share a lot of experiences.

  2. I really feel like twirling with the leaves!

  3. Yes, there's real joyful movement there.