Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Baseball: Swing for the fences

Baseball, you say?

Well, here we are a team of 9, in the 9th inning, ending this cycle of our challenges to each other.

Baseball began in the United States before the 1840’s and by the 1880’s was beginning to be played in many other countries.  Today it is played internationally, is an Olympic sport and every summer draws youngsters from around the world to baseball’s Little League World Series in Williamsport PA.

I think the metaphor “plays well with one’s team” describes each of us.  Further, each of our cycles has a pitcher, a team that alternately goes to bat, and a really fine Player/Manager/Coach in Martha Wolfe.

I challenge you to playfully go to bat.  Bases are loaded and you’ve got nothing to loose and everything to win.  Swing for the fences, my friends, and PLAY.


  1. Oooo.... I like this one. Play time! :-)

  2. I know nothing about baseball. It sound similar to English cricket but just as incomprehensible to me. My husband tried to explain to me how cricket works often enough, but I cannot take it in. However I like the analogies made by Diane and I'm willing to try to understand it! I follow football (soccer) and tennis, and many Olympic sports, but cricket and rugby have always baffled me!

  3. Sometimes it's harder to play than work! Luckily my work is my playtime.

  4. Well, the terminology baffled me so much, that I decided to consult the web - Wikipedia and the rest - to try to understand the meaning of the phrases, because as I am not American and don't remotely understand baseball (nor rounders nor cricket), they didn't really mean that much to me. So now I know that 'swing for the fences' means: to inspire you to succeed, to try as hard as you can: to try your very best and try to achieve; to do the very best you can. Go to bat means: to give help or support to someone or something; take the side of, support, defend; helping one's team. Bases are loaded means: a situation in which a runner is waiting on each of three bases (well I can only guess what runners and bases are, but that's OK - I'm not prepared to read the rules of baseball!).

    All said and done, it looks as if I'm just going to play!

    1. That's EXACTLY what I hoped! Play as we shake off an old year and begin another. PS I don't get cricket either although for several years whilst we lived in Australia I did try....Test matches are beyond the pale for me.