Friday, June 27, 2014


"Grace" ©2014, 9" x 27"
How did I wind up here?  Alicia's challenge was a free-association extraordinaire for me.  I struggled to get beyond the "what are the odds" idea until the last time I read the quote.  At home, we've been talking a lot about social justice and the concept of privilege - so the last time I read it, I read the final line as "I have had the privilege". Period.  And I realized, I have.  I have never gone to sleep hungry or in the street or not had clean water to drink.  I've had access to education and medical care.  I have lived in a place that is neither war torn or filled with violence.  I have had basic privileges that many go without, here in the US and abroad.

My piece, "Grace", is about those things that I am fortunate enough to have, but have done nothing to deserve them.  The piece was inspired by a photo my son took of the “pueblos jovenes” or young towns of north Lima, Peru where some 3 million people live in poorly constructed shacks in slum settlements. Most are lacking electricity and proper sanitation, while many homes have no potable water supply. So many things we take for granted.  So many privileges.  With all of the places in the world one can be - what are the odds I would wind up here?

"Grace" was created with multiple layers of photo transfers on silk organza.  Layers were assembled and machine stitched, colored pencil was added and then finished with machine quilting and hand embroidery.  9" X 27"


  1. Absolutely wonderful Martha! both the concept and the quilt. Great interpretation! I have thought many times about how lucky we are to have been born where and when we have.

  2. this is marvelous- the grey of poverty and the pastels of South America- very evocative.

  3. You are so right, Betty! evocative, indeed

  4. What a wonderful interpretation! We are very lucky to live in where we are now! We should be thankful and help others.

  5. Thanks everyone! The challenge gave me a lot to think about - which I enjoy - and when the idea came together it seemed sort of far-fetched, but when I was writing it up, I realized, it was a pretty fitting interpretation. And a great opportunity to experiment!