Friday, June 27, 2014

One Small Step

One knows when reading or watching mysteries to understand that there are no coincidences.  The same does not translate so easily to life.  In my own, I would have to rationalize a whole lifetime of coincidences.  Just my being a studio artist working in fiber is a stretch from a twenty year career in real estate punctuated with my stint as artists' representative.

One Small Step into My Universe

With this challenge I looked at what composed my own universe Here and Now:

autumnal colors, mostly cotton fabric both commercial and hand dyed

use of ink and paint

hand stitching along with free-motion, sometimes using a double needle

images of leaves, moons and birds, usually black

The result was "One Small Step into My Universe", 18" x 18".


  1. Very unusual interpretation Diane! And a very atmospheric piece! I really like the concept of one's universe in the here and now.

  2. This is great, Diane. I see you in the here and now in it! It's interesting to look at all of the interpretations of this challenge - the universe, the sub-atomic, the here and the there, the then and the now. It's all just great!