Friday, June 20, 2014

Nine Planets

One universe
Nine planets
Two hundred and four countries
Eight hundred and nine islands
Seven seas
And I had the privilege to meet you.

This quote, by an unknown person (and of which there are other versions), has several very different meanings to me. It refers to the number nine, as part of the planets in our solar system, in our universe. It lists aspects of our own planet. And it refers to an encounter with somebody who means a lot.

I feel it refers, on the one hand, to my meeting with my future husband, which I described in my post of February 19, and which happened by complete chance, as we grew up in countries thousands of miles from each other. I also see it on another level as referring to my interest in astronomy, cosmology, geography, and lately in particle physics.

What do these words mean to you? The universe? The world around us? A meeting with somebody important to you? And how does the number nine fits in it?


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  1. I am reading through your challenge and the responses that have been made over the last several weeks and it becomes more and more thought provoking for me. Somehow the planets become the easy answer - rather than chance and coincidence. I'm struggling to find a place to begin - but I do enjoy that process! Thanks, Alicia!