Monday, May 12, 2014

Quilted Planet

by Misik Kim

While I was working on this challenge with the number 9, I realized the number 9 has so many meanings.  I live with so many things which are associated with the number 9.

Many planets in the universe, but we know that only nine among them.
I think we are nine planets in the universe which is named Quilt.

Quilt world is like the universe to me.
When I saw art quilt exhibition 26 years ago, I thought it was a new world to me,
like universe.

“Quilted Planet” was published  in  Great Britain in 2005.

Across the planet, through history, and in widely differing cultures, we find quilting styles and techniques that have evolved from very different histories and regional traditions.  by Celia Eddy

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  1. Misik, I had completely forgotten about the Quilted Planet book. I do not have a copy, but I have looked at it, when it first came out. I must have a look at it again!