Tuesday, April 29, 2014



As I mentioned before, one movie that means September to me is the Bad Seed.
I don't believe I was quite that evil (depending on which of my sisters you ask :))
but there was always that feeling of belonging to the family but also wanting to be independent.
Of wondering, if they all knew my inner thoughts, would they still accept me?
I executed this piece using just two colors, orange and green, nearly opposite on the color wheel and representing conflicting emotions.
Torn, of course, between fitting in and not, also because it's made from ripped paper.

detail, 39x33"


  1. I always love the shades of brown when opposite colours are mixed. A great way to convey mixed emotions of teen years Betty. Is paper a new interest/ experimental direction Betty?

  2. An interesting autumn piece, Betty, with so many layers of meaning. Would love to know more about how it was created.