Thursday, May 15, 2014


Like Alicia, my first thought upon reading the challenge quote she posted on May 1 was my husband. Meeting him was certainly an unlikely occurrence! I left the “mecca of young, single men” to move to a small town comprised mainly of retirees. I couldn’t explain leaving to my friends other than to paraphrase a quote I believe was from Ralph Waldo Emerson: “This is all the time I have left for this place”. 

Essentially, my time in the big city had ended and I felt compelled to move on, despite the logical arguments against it. Six months later I met my future husband. Coincidence?

Even more unlikely was the fact I met him through a friend of mine: his mother. She didn’t fix us up, I just happened to be visiting her when he appeared.

It’s a family joke now: the mother-in-law came first. And well she should, because she introduced me to the two greatest loves of my life: my husband and quilting.

So I read the quote and I think about the connections of life and decisions that lead us to unexpected places. I think of coincidence, serendipity and a grand design. I think of the vastness of opportunity and the singularity of each moment. 

People, places, planets, perspective. All are possible inspiration for this challenge.


  1. Wonderful post Lisa-Marie! Love the story!

  2. I love that you were already close to your in-laws before you even got married. It's so much easier when your families get along. :-) Great story!

  3. "I think of the vastness of opportunity and the singularity of each moment." What a wonderful line!