Monday, April 28, 2014

Memory of Red and Green

by Misik Kim

"Memory of Red and Green", 18" x 18" 
When I watched the movie "Sopyonje", I remembered my wedding celemony.
In Korea, there are two types of wedding ceremonies. The first and most common is the Western-style wedding held in a wedding hall or church. The other is the traditional Korean wedding called Pae Baek (폐백). Traditionally, the Pae Baek is a ceremonial practice where the groom's family accepts the new bride into their home as part of the family.

During pyebaek, the parents throw chestnuts and jujube fruits to encourage many offspring and bless a happy marriage.

After returning from the honeymoon, the married couple would visit their parent house, at that time bride wear Hanbok. (green jeogori and red chima)
Red and green are the primary colors of hanbok is worn by the bride.
Red and green means good luck. To prevent the negative energy that is giving a red skirt, blue jeogori thrive as the descendants of meaning, which means that it is magical.

Size : 18" × 18"


  1. How special for us in the West to be exposed to the meaning of colour in Korea at such a special time of life. A beautiful piece Misik.

  2. So fresh and delicate, and so meaningful!

  3. I love your piece, Misik. The bits of colors here and there and the variegated thread, contribute to the overall movement I feel in this piece!