Sunday, April 20, 2014

My memories of the movies and September

I was thinking of coming September although I have barely finished the Winter and should get ready for the Spring. September is the end of the summer and the beginning of the fall when the fields are full of blooming mums. September reminds me of two old movies from my childhood.  One was called "Come September" with Rock Hudson as a main character and the other was Korean film called "Sopyonje".  

The world I was living as a young girl did not permit much access to the western culture except occasional western movies in a theater. One day I tagged along with my older brother and older sister to see "Come September" and it left a lasting impression on me - whenever I come across this movie being replayed in TV, I return to the memories of a young girl.

Korean film,"Sopyonje " is a story of sister and brother musicians who had to overcome insurmountable obstacles in life and expressed their sorrow and sadness through their voice with the beautiful scenery of countryside of southwestern province called "Chunlanamdo".  The emotions of the sibling permeated through the entire movie and I often wonder the if the emotion of "Hahn" has been a unique experience of being Korean.  My heart aches whenever I remember how I just sat inside the theater after the movie stopped because I was numb to the core.  I can't help this "Hahn" comes across my art because it would be unnatural for me to be anything else.

I wonder what movies come to your mind when you think of September.  I hope you too have memorable movies that remind you of the fall.  

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  1. It only just clicked that September is the ninth month of the year!