Saturday, April 19, 2014

Childhood influences

As the only Southern hemisphere member of this wonderful group, I have to point out that September for us in Australia is new Spring beginnings. Our school years are January to December so September holidays are for 2 weeks only generally.
Movie memories from childhood are numerous. Going to the Skyline drive-in in Brisbane with my brother and I dressed in our pyjamas, riding the small train round the track, swinging on the 4 seater swing and having ice cream before the movie started are happy memories and nostalgic now that DVDs have replaced the old fashioned drive-in.
John Wayne Westerns were popular fare for my parents and we often fell asleep in the back of the station wagon before 'The End'. I can remember crying when the cowboys got shot. These early movie impressions left me with a love of the rugged USA Monument Valley landscape where many were set and it was a thrill to stand on John Wayne Point many years later in my 50's.
Now I am happily sharing one of my favourite childhood movies with my older grandchildren and they seem to love it as much as I still do. I can't reveal what it is or I will give my challenge piece away. Reveal day is just around the corner beginning April 27.

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  1. I do not currently live in the Southern Hemisphere, but I was born there - in Argentina - and spent my childhood and teenage years there. So September was Spring, and going to the movies were mostly an activity for Saturday afternoons in Autumn and Winter. In Summer cinemas were too hot - until they finally started installing air conditioning in some of the bigger cinemas. Me and my friends would go to the cinema at 2 pm and see three different films one after the other - American films predominated, but we also had many Italian ones, as well as Argentine ones. A couple of nights ago I watched a DVD I bought recently of one of those Saturday afternoon films - Scaramouche - it still feels as good as it did then, it has not aged much - but that is unusual, I've watched other films I loved at the time and found them very dated.