Thursday, February 27, 2014

Nine Noes and a Golden Yes

As I said in my last blog post, I am a Yes-girl rather than a No-girl.  Saying yes has got me places so far.  I have almost always regretted saying No (although fortunately for me I have not said No that often).

This piece plays with the word No in nine different languages – from top to bottom, they are: Czech, Japanese, Danish/Swedish, Portuguese, Hungarian, French, Russian, German, Welsh.  The Yes is of course in English, and emphasized by both size and brightness of colour. 

The piece is 9” by 27” and I have used fused appliqué for the letters.

And here is a close-up detail:


  1. How fun Alicia! I admire you, I want to become more of a yes-girl like you! Who knows what great adventures one misses when we say no...

  2. It can be frightening too, Lisa-Marie, but I found that it has been always worth it...

  3. A great angle, Alicia… reminded me of a song my son had when he was little - something about traveling round the world and they listed no in many languages. Isn't there a language that has no word for the word no? Regardless, yes is definitely more fun!

  4. Thank you for showing us so many Noes in different languages! It's very interesting and the first letter of all of them are N!