Thursday, February 27, 2014

Yes and No


To me, "no" isn't always a negative experience. Sometimes it's neutral.  A way to keep going on a certain path without being diverted.  We need to say no sometimes, to retain some kind of structure in our lives. I have to say no to one thing in order to keep a commitment I made to something or someone else.

But you know what they say about all work and no play!  Saying "yes" is much more exciting. YES makes life colorful and surprising, even if it sometimes leads to disappointment and grief. YES opens up the possibility for growth.

In this piece, the plain white areas represent "No". It coexists with "yes", creating a framework and structure.  NO allows a break in life's constant activity and energy. But if you say no to everything life would be so bland… monotonous… vanilla.

The diamond shaped windows represent "Yes".  Something new is revealed in each one.  Not all the yes-es are bright and cheery.  Some are dark, some might even be ugly on their own.  But together they create a rich and varied collection.


Technical details:
Individual 9" x 9" white fabric squares, folded and sewn together; scraps of hand-dyed and batik fabrics inserted and machine sewn using "Easy Cathedral Windows" technique (found here: ).


  1. What a lovely interpretation of the interplay of yes and no. I totally agree with the need for "no" to establish boundaries and honor commitments and I also agree that Yes is way more exciting!

  2. Your interpretation surprised me, Kate, but it really fits well. Makes you wonder how many of the traditional patterns had a similar story behind them. Amazing detail!

  3. Thanks Lisa-Marie and Martha. Yes, this is a departure for me but I figured V-9 is the place to try something different. I normally say "NO" to traditional patterns. ;-)

  4. I like your interpretation! That's so true! The quilt is stunning!