Friday, December 27, 2013


spe·lunk·ing - noun: the sport or practice of exploring or studying caves

If I had 9 lives, I'd spend one of them swimming through the craggy caves and hidden passageways under the sea. 

I would call myself somewhat claustrophobic, although I can usually overcome this fear when I need to.  Touring caves on land, taking a tiny tram up to the top of a mountain or climbing a narrow staircase for a bird's eye view of New York City are a few examples.

The one time I went scuba diving, I loved it and would definitely do it again if I have the chance. But I just cannot imagine exploring caves under water.  Especially the ones that have long dark passage ways, with such tight spaces you have to remove your scuba tank and hold it in front of you to swim through.  Even picturing that in my head makes me queasy!


My challenge quilt is probably the closest I'll get to swimming through one of those tunnels. I added some colorful fish to make the "cave" seem more inviting and less scary. Good enough for me; I don't think I'll be underwater spelunking in real life anytime soon.


Technical details:
Commercial and hand dyed cottons and batik fabric, rayon thread
Raw edge applique, machine sewn and quilted
Finished size 18" x 18"



  1. This is on my imaginary bucket list too!

  2. Lovely work, Kate, and cool idea for your imaginary bucket list. (When I first saw the bubbles, I didn't realize they were associated to the fish; I thought they implied you were swimming behind them, emerging from the deep!)

  3. I love your fish! But, you would have to add a whole lot more of them to distract me from the dark, enclosed space. Better yet, you and Betty can let me know how this one goes.

  4. I have a story for you, Kate. May only reinforce you inclinations, however. ;^)