Friday, November 29, 2013

The Story of Women

by Lin Hsin-Chen
It’s so nice to meet Martha and Betty in IQF-Houston. It was also great to see my large quilts being exhibited in such a grand venue; this is something that I have been dreaming of for many years. The 10 quilts were made with many people in different times. We sewed our emotions, negative or positive, and lots of memories of the growing process of women in the quilts. We take sewing as therapy to find a new self to face our lives. When the quilts were hung in IQF-Houston, it not only comforts my hard-working times, but also encourages everyone who has participated in the project. It was significance.
I shared my story of Houston with my mother. Again, she took out my grandmother’s Lotus shoes and told me the story of my grandmother and her needlework. In Eastern culture, women used to bind their feet (also known as “3-inch Lotus Feet”). Women at that time need to sew their own shoes. They usually embroidered the shoes with the newest pattern by using the newest skill they learned. Or, with age, they showed the understated beauty and supple texture on the Lotus shoes. They were “women’s wisdom on the foot”.

The “Mirror Cover” is another thing from my grandmother. It was a representative of the unique culture of women who grew up in an ancient aristocratic family. In the old times, mirrors must be covered up when they are not in use. It was considered as a modest virtue for women. The mirror cover was embroidered and hand stitched by my grandmother. It’s so delicate. I can imagine that women in different ages had to learn to adapt themselves to the environment at that time and keep themselves supple.
There are a variety of special learning experiences in my life. Whether it’s in progress or already past, they have been encouraging me to continue to make large collaborative quilts and keep helping vulnerable women to complete their own stories and improve themselves over time and space. I do enjoy this precious opportunity a lot!
Me and my husband in IQF-Houston

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