Friday, November 22, 2013

Long, long ago

Long, long ago, long before the age of man, strange creatures roamed the earth.
They were called dinosaurs.

So began my favorite book from as far back as I can remember.  The stories of Roy Chapman Andrews' treks across the Gobi Desert searching for fossils were something I never tired of.
Difficult even today, the journey back then was a grand adventure, braving death defying conditions to find traces of an amazing world that does not exist any longer.
I learned the entire Latin names of all of my plastic dinosaurs- even though dimetrodon was part of the group, which was a synapsid mammal and dinosaur antecedent, and pteranodon too, which isn't a dinosaur either.
Since Chapman's time, in fact, there has been a revolution in scientific thinking about dinosaurs.  The pioneering paleontologist Robert Bakker wrote a book called the Hot Blooded Dinosaurs, which paved the way to today's predominant theory that they were warm blooded, fast living creatures, and the direct antecedents of birds.

So, if I could magically start a new career, I would be a paleontologist, or, to keep art in the picture, a model builder of prehistoric creatures.

Thanks Kate for this thought provoking challenge!

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  1. This challenge is taking all of us into interesting territory of long ago childhoods. Don't get upset with the 'long ago' reference!