Monday, September 16, 2013

Where does the time go?

Where does the time go?  I think of it like water- it cycles but doesn't come and go.
This work I made a few years ago is about my view of it- when the day is ending, the night is beginning- when the seasons progress, one to the other, the ending of one is the beginning of another.
We may be on this earth briefly, but our short lives will give way to another phase of being, and others will take our place.
This is one reason I feel driven to make things that will be here after I am gone.


  1. Yes Betty I'm happier to sew something rather than spend my time cooking dishes that are gobbled down quickly! I don't think I expressed that well but leaving something behind is a motivator.

  2. Well said Betty. I think we all yearn to leave a legacy,whether through our children or our work (whatever form it may take). I believe it gives meaning and purpose to our lives and, as a consequence, time becomes irrelevant.

  3. Interesting - it's sort of a throwback to the long discussions "we" used to have about time - I clearly thought about this way too much - whether time was a continuum or cyclical, or perhaps an ascending (or descending) spiral. I like your version, Betty. It has a meaningful rhythm.