Sunday, September 22, 2013


by Lin Hsin-Chen
Last month, I had a chance to visit the Daylily Mountain in Eastern Taiwan with my husband. The whole mountain was full of daylily flowers in blossom. The orange daylily flower is a traditional dish in Taiwan. The flowers are very beautiful, but people can only see them blooming in July and August. Unfortunately, there were many typhoons in July and August this year. The typhoons disrupted the flowering period, so that we had to postpone our schedules.

Plans can never catch up with changes. No matter how perfect plans you have, the right time and right weather are always much more influential. We have to rely on the weather in our daily life. It seems to be an inevitable situation for us living in the 21 century.

I took these 2 photos of daylily flowers just at the right moments. After taking the photos, the sky suddenly became overcast with clouds. It was very impressive. Time is fleeting so we must treasure it.


  1. "Plans can never catch up with changes" SO TRUE! Day lily mountain looks beautiful. How wonderful you were able to capture the beauty before the weather changed.

  2. I had to go and read about Daylily Mountain and cooking with daylilies! I'm glad you got to visit such a beautiful place. Time is very fleeting - - and the timing of blooming flowers grows less and less reliable!

  3. Sorry for the late reply. It was Chinese Moon Festival and we had 4 days off. My husband and I decided to spend the holiday without Internet! (but it was not as easy as we imagined…lol) The Daylily Mountain is a place without Internet. When the daylily flowers haven’t bloom, they are crops. However, when we see their beautiful flowers blooming, it means that the farmers can’t earn any money from them. The views between us and the farmers are so different!

  4. What an amazing sight and so seasonal. I like the misty mountain with the orange flowers. I'm looking forward to your thoughtful interpretation of this challenge Hsin-Chen.

    1. Thank you, Sue.
      I haven't started yet, but my quilt for this challenge might not have any connection with these photos and daylilies (lol) Maybe I can think about it :)