Friday, February 27, 2015

Trilobite Trackway

Had a boatload of fun with this one.  Trilobites from every era, using a range of non woven materials, fabrics and techniques.

 This detail has a photo of an actual fossil owned by Vic and Liza Eastman that we saw in New Zealand.  I printed it out and repainted it- black is so boring.
 here's a detail showing the tip of a discharged image.

Trilobite Trackways, 33x40"


  1. This is just amazing, Betty! All the latest in trilobite fashion. I know which one I want to be!

  2. I love the colours you have given to the fossils!

  3. What a wonderful piece, and such an exotic subject matter! Beautiful!

  4. It actually looks like the trilobites are having a fossil-like way. So, I know that you did a very un-fossil-like way. :^)