Friday, February 27, 2015

Pick-up Game

A pick-up game in baseball, and in other sports as well, is an impromptu game of players that are there at the moment of play.  There can be some fairly random participants.  It is not a serious endeavor, rather, something played and enjoyed at that moment.  Really, just play.

Even though I posed this challenge, I had no idea of how I would approach it.  After weeks of mulling, going to my studio and tidying, which is my practice when I'm looking for inspiration.  As my husband tells me "Go play in your fabric".  It worked!

It occurred to me that I should approach this as I were to invent a game.  Taking only fabric from my scrap bin, I challenged myself to create a playful piece.

It was great fun.  A bit like a archeological dig, truth be told.  I uncovered bits large and small that I hardly recognized...old friends.  Some of my hand-dyed, some discharged, vintage, African, Australian Aboriginal designs, and Japanese.   All right there in the bin.  No wonder my granddaughter has such fun playing in it.
Playing with Scraps 18" x 27"


  1. That's quite a "scrap bin". Love it, and your bird! I see a cityscape in the background. This was a great challenge, thanks!

  2. The Archeology of scraps? Quite amazing!

  3. Thanks for such a fun challenge, Diane! What a good idea to make a game out of using scraps. Your design is definitely playful, dynamic and charming. Nice job! :-)