Saturday, December 6, 2014

Full Circle

Hidden potential…such a rich topic! True to the author I am, my jumping point for creativity is an analysis of the words.

  • Hidden: obscured from view, invisible, not revealed.
  • Potential: potent, possibility, not yet revealed.
The hidden potential of a seed

And then the consultant in me takes over and I begin to question, explore and analyze the logic. Why is the potential hidden? Is it not yet time for revelation? Does it need further development? Is it circumstantial? Certain gifts apply only in certain situations; great potential may seem small as an answer to an irrelevant problem.

As an artist, I am challenged to decide and design. Oh yes, I must also execute! Will I select an aspect of the topic or attempt to reflect its entirety? Shall I include the nuances Betty suggests: goodness or the ability to change the world? And how, exactly, will I depict something hidden?

And now I’ve come full circle: the beginning and the end of this topic are hidden potential. Thankfully, it’s only hidden for a while. Our potential will be revealed on December 27, 2014. Stay tuned to see what the V9 artists create!

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