Saturday, November 29, 2014


Recently I am sewing with old women in a nursing home once a week..
This nursing home is a place where my friends are operating,
Two months ago she asked me what to do something for them.
At that time I thought sewing is good for them and then I started sewing with them
Although differences in seriousness of disease, most of them have dementia.
So I was worried they can or not.
But it was unfounded.
Because They are the generation who can sew and made the clothes for their children and husband
 like my mother.
In spite of my concern, they like to sew so much.

I thought about the lives of their past.
Many things would have been in their memories of 
This would have been a lot of things about their lives in their memories
they already forgot a lot, and forget now, will forget …………

on the way back home, I came up with their pretty faces like baby.
I wished their health……….

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  1. Very touching Misik. And what a beautiful way to illustrate our human, ongoing potential.