Sunday, November 16, 2014


Recently I have had the opportunity to spend some extra time with my two older grandchildren aged 12 and 10. I have seen them grow and develop from their baby selves into their present stage of development on the way to adulthood. I love seeing their curiosity about things and engagement with our modern world.

Betty asks us to investigate hidden potential, something that may change the world. When I look at my grandchildren I see potential and hope. I don't know where their future will lead them, what their paths will be, what challenges they will face and how they will overcome them.

But it will be a privilege to be part of their lives and watch their potential blossom.

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  1. That's what came to my mind as I read the challenge, too. Looking at babies and children and even young adults and wondering who they will become, what gifts they will have to share with the world and, ultimately, what I will learn from them.