Sunday, October 26, 2014

Environment and Ecology Picture Book

by Lin Hsin-Chen
In Chinese culture, the number “9” also means “lasting for a long time” (). Chinese people love this number, because it not only describes “a long time”, but also “plenty”. For people who are in search of wealth, they wish to increase the amount of money and maintain it for a long time. Interestingly, when we apply this word to natural environment, it means everlasting existence.

(Photo: “Pahmung krui Damar Forest” by Eka Fendiaspara, Indonesia, UNFF Photo Contest Winner
Over the years, I have been hoping to show humans’ “feelings, emotions, expectations or concerns” about natural environment via art creating. What will professional fiber artists contribute to the global issue? There will be an international “environment and ecology” quilt exhibition in Taiwan in 2016. As the curatorial experience in 2012, we want to gather quilters from around the world to tell their stories based on the theme, to leave records and keep natural resources going.

I would like to invite each Viewpoints 9 member to make a quilt of 40 cm (width) x 80 cm (height) in portrait orientation, based on the theme of “environment and ecology”. Let’s join other international groups to participate in this global village picture book curatorial concept.

Reference: United Nations Forum on Forests 


  1. Looking forward to working on this!

    1. Me, too. I'm looking forward to starting creating! Happy creating to both of us.