Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Pieced Peace 27X42
I have thought at length about this challenge.  However, in all my thinking I've not proceeded much farther than s t i t c h.  I have long enjoyed stitching by hand.  Actually I like combining hand and machine stitching in my work.

 Pictured above, Pieced Peace was purchased from me several years ago by a Connecticut family in celebration of the adoption of their third child from China.  I had not considered selling it, but how could I say no to such a great cause.  The hand stitching connects me directly and personally to the piece and in a small way to them.   The small gold circles that I cut from one of my Uncle Mort's ties is icing on the cake.

I think I will stick to my own stitching'.

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  1. Beautiful quilt, and such a lovely backstory. Hand stitching definitely puts you "into" the work in a very personal way. I love being able to see quilt stitches and imagine the artist behind it... like brushstrokes in paint. It documents your movements and save a little moment in time, in a way. :-)