Wednesday, August 27, 2014


The last 2 months have seen many upheavals for my 91 year old Mum and we have been on the roller coaster ride with her as she transitioned from living independently at home, hospital and then to residential care. We are all happier that she is now getting the care she needs.
Even though my brother and I divided up the to-do tasks, there were many times I felt completely overwhelmed and swamped. It is not a feeling I like. I feel I have been metaphorically stitching our lives into an ordered whole again.
Mend 9 "x 27"
This one short word seems to describe the situation of the last 2 months. I have been 'mending' to make a better outcome. Mend- repair, patch, put right, improve, rectify.
Materials- Japanese woven cotton, linen, embroidery cotton, thread, fabric pen, wadding
Techniques-hand patched and stitched, machine quilted



  1. Best wishes to you and your family, Sue. It’s good to hear that your Mom is on the mend now. The word “mend” in earlier Taiwan has a meaning of blessing. I wish your Mom good health!

    Your work is simple but elegant. I like your hand stitching.

  2. Thanks for an interesting and thought provoking challenge. It is always fascinating to me how the challenge is interpreted by each of us as it relates to our experience. I hope your Mother is doing well. It is a really hard transition, for everyone. There is a lot of mending in the process. I think for many of us, the hand-stitching part is soothing. Lovely.