Thursday, June 26, 2014

Happy Birthday

by Lin Hsin-Chen

When I read the quote from Alicia, I was deeply touched. It’s so nice for us to know each other in such a big universe. Time and space can’t stop our communication and distance can’t separate our friendship. As long as we remember each other in our hearts, we are dear friends.

Out of curiosity, I started to explore the meanings behind the number 9. I kept thinking about it and amazingly I bumped into so many surprises that I haven’t experienced before. It makes me thinking of many people, things and issues in a new perspective. It feels like going to school and start to learn things that I have never focused on in the past. The school is the universe.

Your attitude changes when you see things from different angles. During the creative process, I was keen to include the number 9 in my work. As a reward for all the things that I’ve learned from this challenge, I sewed this piece in a very delicate way with some special fabrics. However, I accidentally hung this piece upside down so that the 9 becomes 6. I’m delighted with the result. My husband is very supportive to my quilt making, but he seldom comment on my works. I completed this quilt on his birthday. He said happily, for the first time, “Is it my birthday gift?” Happy birthday to you, my dear! Happy birthday to everyone!

Thanks for everything that this topic has brought to me.

Materials: floss, silk, hand-dyed silk, commercial cotton, linen, woolen yarn, metallic threads, beads, glitter
Techniques: hand stitches, hand appliqué, hand pieced, hand quilted
Size: 18” x 27”


  1. Gorgeous, Hsin-Chen......the vibrant pieces in the center contrast wonderfully with the tonal background!

  2. Beautiful piece, Hsin-Chen - and I am touched that you were touched by the quote. It is indeed wonderful that we can be in touch in this big universe we live in.

  3. Thank you all! I really like this challenge topic and enjoy creating this work. I've been thinking about it even it's completed! Life can be simple, beautiful, exciting, rich...I was trying to convey these ideas on my quilt. It's really an interesting and special topic and maybe I can make some quilts about it in the future. Best wishes to everyone!