Saturday, March 8, 2014

Gold 'n Harvest
In my family, movies were rare. The time we were most likely to see a movie was Christmas: when you might find a bit of money in your stocking, enough to walk to the local theatre and see the latest film. Movie memories are faint, fall, however, elicits powerful emotions for me.

It is my favorite season, filled with excitement and opportunity, all things new. I don't know if my feelings were shaped by the school year and the inevitably of change, or the bright, crisp weather with the freshness of new beginnings.

I once had someone (perhaps a street gypsy) tell me that my "colors were fall". Interesting, since I gravitate to bright colors and my favorites: the "peacock colors". Still, I knew what she said; the golden bronze, the darkened sage green, the burnt red...something subtle, peaceful, even royal to me. I relate to fall. I anticipate it. I long for the crispness and heralding of change.

Although I am not sure where I will go with this challenge, I am sure that an original watercolor by Linda Sanders (my mother), embodies of the enchantment of fall and inspires me to consider the flora of this season.

Misik, thank you for this trip down memory lane and the opportunity to explore the genesis of our "Hahn".

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