Sunday, October 20, 2013

Friend or Foe?

I have a love hate relationship with time. I love and treasure it because it is my most valuable asset. I’m not certain how much I have but I am certain I can never acquire more. Knowing it is a scarce, uncontrolled resource compels me to use my time wisely. Even if I can’t affect quantity, I can still affect quality.

How will I use and share this asset? Maximize its meaning and utility in hopes of expanding its influence? I cannot increase the hours of my life but perhaps I can use them to create something that extends beyond my lifetime. 

Ironically, the very reason I treasure time is the same reason I hate it: scarcity. It creates pressure and urgency combined with uncertainty. I am not in control although I wish I were. Did I choose wisely today or did I waste my most precious asset? The near-constant vigilance over my actions and choices is exhausting. I hate being constrained and controlled and that’s what time does to me. My symbolic rebellion is expressed by a clock that says “Whatever” and an hourglass that simultaneously flows both directions.

No doubt this challenge has evoked a strong reaction in me. Which facet of time shall I represent? What is time to me?

  • Perspective
  • Context
  • Direction
  • Constraint
  • Choice

And of course: how shall I represent this in a quilt? Stay tuned and see. With time as our topic, I’m certain this Viewpoints 9 gallery will be compelling!


  1. What a cool clock! It exemplifies how I feel about time, most of the time. And how did you ever find an hourglass that flows in BOTH directions? Too funny. But isn't that how we work, really, with the past and the future melded together, meeting somewhere in the now? What a great challenge, can't wait to see the results.

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  3. Clocks are funny things - you can take away everything but the arms and we all still know what it means - and I'm guessing we could do it with just one arm! It's all thought provoking and leaves so much room for interpretation...I'm looking forward to what you create, Lisa-Marie!