Saturday, August 31, 2013


"Fragments" (detail) by Sue Dennis
With Viewpoints 9's first full cycle of 9 challenges behind us, it's time to focus on our new challenge cycle!  You can still find all of the original artwork and discussion on our earlier blog here. But starting tomorrow, September 1st, the new theme will be all about "9"....because there are 9 of us, with 9 viewpoints. And like the symbol Sue created for Viewpoints 9 in one of our first challenges "We are clustered together, in a circle that is not closed, representing the freedom members have." Each member may interpret 9 in any way they chose; September is the 9th month, 9 ladies dancing, a sudoku grid, cloud 9, Beethoven 9th Symphony, and so on; wherever their imagination takes them.

Nine will also play a role in our new format.  It was decided that each artist should have the freedom to pick the size and orientation of their piece, with the only restriction that it is made of 9"x 9" units up to 27"x 27".

Let the fun begin!

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