Friday, January 23, 2015

Play time

It's with a sense of achievement that I approach the end of the second round of challenges in Viewpoints 9. Having been given permission to play by Diane, I have been having a nice time, sitting in my air conditioned sewing studio, listening to an audio book and stitching on my quilt. I am well ahead of the deadline as I already had a hand printed fabric that worked well with my chosen idea.
This is a detail of my hand printed fabric that used flowering wattle, gum and grevillea.
Cutting binding strips to finish the quilt.
I love seeing the varied interpretations from the talented members of this group and I love grappling with the challenges. Here's to a wonderful 2015 with more to come.


  1. Sue - I saw your lovely piece in Living Colour in NZ! So many beautiful gum trees there!

  2. Thanks Martha, but lots of wattle! That variety has a similar leaf shape as a gum.