Saturday, December 20, 2014

Magic Beans

The Challenge: a vessel with hidden potential that could change the world.  Seeds came to mind.  I guess they came to a lot of people's minds. The potential to feed the world.  Jack and the Beanstalk.  The miracle of life.

    Consider a seed.  Add water and sunlight…..and they do the rest!

Seeds are fascinating.  Did you know - if you plant an apple seed, you will not necessarily get the variety of apple the seed came from?  The type of apple you get is determined by pollination.  

So if you plant a Braeburn, you could get a Fuji. That's sort of hidden potential….I hadn't really contemplated this until recently….interesting.

But, could their hidden potential change the world?  In the tropics, there are varieties of plants that grow seeds with thick, water-tight coats inside large pods.  

As the pods decompose, the seeds fall to the ground where they can be washed to rivers and subsequently, to the sea, where they become caught in the currents and drift.  Because of their buoyancy, they can drift for thousands of miles. A different kind of potential...

They say Christopher Columbus was intrigued by tropical seeds he observed on the beaches in the Azores.  The sea heart (Entada gigas), left, is called "fava de Colom" or Columbus bean there.

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