Saturday, December 27, 2014

After Life

After Life ©2014, 9" x 27"
Thanks for this challenge, Betty.  It had the wheels turning despite all of the hubbub of holidays, which, in retrospect, may be the genesis of some of this.  I embraced the phrase "hidden potential" and tried to work with that idea.  Suddenly everything I considered had hidden potential.  My piles of fabric, the fruit on my trees, my children, an airplane trip…  The one thing I kept coming back to was the sunrise on a new day.  Everyday is filled with opportunity and promise as the sun rises over the trees (or sand or snow).  What can happen in a day?  Almost anything.  We work to have control over our path in life and yet, it can all change in a matter of moments.  It can be fabulous, it can be disaster, and yet every morning I rise and see the sun and I am filled with optimism and hope.  For myself, for my family and friends, for the whole world.  So much potential.

After Life evolved from the idea of a sunrise, to take on greater personal meaning.  I looked through my photos of sunrises, from mountain tops, on beaches, and settled on a photo of the sunrise I took the morning my father had passed away.  As I left his side and wandered to the parking lot, the sun was just coming up over the trees.  It was Sunday morning.  My father was a minister and rose early, often before sun up, on Sundays to prepare for church.  How fitting.  And what of the hidden potential of an afterlife?  What is after life?

After Life is made from hand-painted silk organza.  There are 3 layers of pojagi like patchwork, the sunrise, in yellows and oranges, is only on the bottom layer.  The tree line is a photo transfer of my image.  I was pleased to perfect the tiny French-type seams - something new.  The sewing is both machine and handwork.

Backlit (may favorite way to view pojagi), the piece shares another glimpse of hidden potential.

After Life (backlit)


  1. Beautiful sentiment and composition. Thanks for posting a back-lit photo of this piece; it's like a different quilt. Nice job!

    1. Thanks, Kate! I like the transparency and the change in color when back-lit.

  2. It is so subtle and quiet. Beautiful!

  3. Martha, happy New Year! I’m surprised to see your pojagi work. It’s amazingly beautiful! I also like the back-lit photo. It looks like another new work.