Monday, September 22, 2014

Handmade Korea Fair 2014

by Misik Kim

Recently, there is a lot of increased attention to the enviromment around the world.
In Korea, many young artists and designers are also interested in the environment.

They have a lot of activities for environment.
Last July, I participated in Handmade Korea Fair with my students.
The concept of main booth was Rediscovery of remnants.
We had a lot of remnants after finishing the works
We decided to use them for our event.
It is like recycle and upcycle.

We has been given the space (12m x 6 m x 6m).
We made 80 panels for the wall (12m x 6 m) and tote bags…..

18 quilters joined this project.
It was so exciting.
Many young artists participated in this fair.

The organizer said “visitors were over 60,000".


  1. Thanks for sharing, Misik! It’s glad to know that more and more people are paying attention to environment issues. I’m interested in the show in Korea. It looks interesting and meaningful.

  2. Thank you for sharing this, Misik! It looks like a wonderful event. I love the boxes covered with colorful fabric to use for seating areas. A simple & elegant solution! Martha W. - maybe we can draw from this and incorporate similar ideas into the SAQA Maker Space.