Thursday, July 17, 2014

“The Art of the Quilt”

by Misik Kim

When I saw this challenge, I thought my article in Magazine SEOUL a few years ago (May, 2009).  This is a part of the article.

“The Art of the Quilt” – Quilt Artist Kim Misik Turns Craft into Art Starting Late in life

She began quilt or rather discovered my talent for it. Later in life.
“ I wanted to be an artist, but my father did not approve,”
She started by studying fashion design at sookmyung woman’s university.
Close to 10years later I have continued with graduate studies, majoring in weaving at Hongik University. “
 I knew that fashion design was not my thing. But I also knew I wanted to work with textile and fabrics all my life, “ Kim says.
In her mid-30s she had the opportunity to live in the United Stated for two years.
She and her family lived in Washington ,D.C., where she visited museums and art-related exhibitions.
As she looks at the quilt exhibits at the Textile Museum, a new world opened for her.
I began to apply quilting to my work.

I came here from a little girl who want to be an artist in the future.
It was a long way like journey.
I am here

I participated in Handmade fair with my students who have a dream like me.

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