Friday, June 27, 2014

The Ninth Circle

For this challenge, I used as the base a piece of silk that I painted in several layers, letting water and evaporation determine the patterned areas.
The idea was to take the human equation out of it somewhat.....I followed the natural paint deposits with hand beading, couching and threading.
There are nine large cone beads scattered throughout.  I was looking for an ambiguous effect- something that could be the surface of an alien planet, or a microscopic section of some organism.

As you can see from the detail, I used all analogous colors except for the green cord- because, well, green.

as you can see from this detail, the cones stick up for extra texture

The Ninth Circle, 11x17"


  1. It certainly is a very ambiguous piece - I can see it, just as you say, either as the surface of a planet or a view through a microscope. Wonderful, Betty!

  2. It is SO interesting...taking the human equation out. Very effective.

  3. Both the materials and techniques are so special. I find different details every time I see it. Thank you for the wonderful work!

  4. Hsin-Chen is right - you see something different each time you look. Amazing! I love the similarities that exist in the vast and the minuscule.