Sunday, April 27, 2014

Lost in Translation

"Jet Lag" ©2014, 27" x 27"
Lost in Translation is one of my favorite movies - - though I've never been really sure why.  For me, the  movie creates a familiar emotional space in a place that fills my imagination.  The young woman, looking at her life and wondering where it will take her.  The older man, looking at his life and wondering where he has been.  Seizing the opportunities that surround them.  Set against the backdrop of a hotel in Japan……..and jet lag.

Jet lag is an interesting experience.  Upon arrival, I shift into survival mode, and despite my addled mind staring out at unfamiliar scenery, I manage to find food and make conversation and contemplate some interesting thoughts about what is going on around me.  I guess that is the connection with the film, it's a familiar, fuzzy place. (And, coincidentally, when I looked the film up in the imdb, it was released in September (2003). Nice!)

My piece, "Jet Lag"began as a cityscape of Tokyo at night.  I envisioned layers of silk organza and satin over the hand-dyed cotton background bringing city lights to life.  But when the background was finished, I wasn't sure layering anything on top would add anything to it.  I liked the simple, "modernness" of it!  So, it remains, all pieced, hand-dyed cotton, machine quilted.  27" x 27"

….and I love it backlit, before I finished it :)


  1. I can so relate to the 'jet lag' feelings Martha. Did you consider having the seams on the outside? Love the back light.

  2. Love your piece! And I am also a fan of Lost in Translation.

  3. Beautiful - both the finished piece and the unfinished, backlit top.

  4. Love them both! I'm captivated by the backlit top...glowing and ethereal.

  5. It’s so beautiful and very different from your previous works! I love the back light and I always enjoy seeing back lit quilts.

  6. OOH, Martha, what a totally different and beautiful quilt from your normal style. I love both photos, the backlit one reminds me of the Korean quilts with the seams showing. Great piece.