Sunday, April 27, 2014

Hatari Effect

'Hatari' is the Swahili word for danger and I can still remember how exciting this movie was when I first saw it as a child. Directed by Howard Hawks and starring John Wayne, it is set in Africa and follows a group of animal catchers out to collect animals for zoos.
Elephants are my favourite animal and  I attribute this to the influence of this movie, the 'Baby Elephant Walk' tune and the adorable antics of the baby elephants. Africa has always held a fascination for me. Kuba raffia cloth inspired my background fabric choice, which is Japanese woven silk.

Materials; silk, cotton, fabric paint, buttons, thread, batting
Techniques; fused applique, machine quilted, hand drawn, hand painted
Hatari Effect-  27"wide x 9"long


  1. I would love to see a baby elephant although I'd probably skip the danger :-) Your animal images have an energy and motion that I like. Well done!

  2. What an unusual animal interpretation! Love it!

  3. It’s lovely, Sue! I love your background fabric, the Japanese woven silk. Kuba raffia cloth is very special and new to me.

  4. A fun interpretation, Sue! Don't know this movie - will have to look it up. I love your fabrics and animals - I realized when I blew it up that it was all hand painted! This is great dimensions (9x27), horizontal or vertical.