Saturday, March 29, 2014

New Beginnings AND Letting Go

All of the first decades of my life, September meant the start of school.  As Kate Themel wrote "new beginnings".  Every year from elementary school through university and, then, again with my three children as they traveled their own education journeys, September meant new teachers, new notebooks, new shoes, new friends, new words, new ideas…..

Then, in the mid-1980's my September became more complicated.  New meaning was going to be layered atop. I drove my youngest to university.  The three hour drive was full of laughs and remembrances of his helping me get his older siblings launched.  We had been a good team while they were away.  He helped me with my work, took care of my car and tended to all the dog's needs.  He playfully wondered how I would get along without him.

After helping to get him unpacked and settled into his campus life, he accompanied my back to my car for our farewell until Parent's Weekend.

As I hugged him, a rush of emotions flushed through me, leaving me empty.  Tears filled my eyes.  I gripped him tighter.  Close to his ear, I whispered "Get in the car.  No questions asked.  I'll buy you a Porsche".

His body heaved so hard in laughter I had a really tough time hanging on to him.  "Get in the car, Mom.  Go home."

We both wept as we laughed.

September is not just new beginnings.  It's also letting go.


  1. So true. I'm working on letting go. Then again I might resort to last-minute bribery. Who knows, maybe it will work this time. ha ha

  2. Very funny story Diane. It's been nice to hear these personal stories from the group.

  3. I can laugh and say "I know what you mean", but it will be a challenge to let go of my youngest. It is a special joy when your children become your friends, though, in the next chapter.