Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Wisdom of Big Tree

by Lin Hsin-Chen

Somebody told me that what we really have is much more than what we think. I believe it’s a right point of view and I’m willing to take the challenge and accept the unknowns. The value will be determined only if we could make ourselves standing at the high point of prophets. Like a tree guarding the Earth and the Earth protecting humans, they linked to each other to survive.

I’ve been listening to the elders’ words, learning from their experiences and respecting their opinions ever since I was a child. Some friends said that it would make me lose myself, but I think that elders’ advices are valuable and wonderful learning opportunities to me. The more I learn from the elders, the less I have to strive and struggle. There are many wise men in my life. They are my role models who show me the direction and make me become wise gradually in treating others and daily lives. I’m an old soul living in a young body.

I also apply the experiences that I learned from the elderly on my quilting. They push me to somewhere high that others can’t see. When I started to learn quilting, I chose to learn by myself and say “No” to the Japanese learning system. Then, I establish my own teaching system. I say “No” to the popular quilting market in Taiwan and go my own way bravely. Thanks to saying “No”, I have the opportunities today to serve in Taiwanese quilting and plan a series of NPO activities.

I wish everyone peace and happiness.


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  2. You have such an interesting, reflective view of the continuum of life. You embrace the wisdom of the ages and push the future into new directions.