Friday, December 20, 2013

Where is my limit?

by Misik Kim

AS teacher, quilt artist, and housewife, I have too much work to do.

in particular, there are a lot of things like obligation in housework.
In early winter, we are so busy to make Kimchi for winter.
Every year, the last thing given to me is making kimchi.

Kimchi for the winter is called kimjang kimchi (hangul: 김장 김치).
In preparation for the long winter months, many types of kimjang kimchi (hangul: 김장 김치) were prepared in early winter and stored in the ground in large kimchi pots. Today, many city residents use modern kimchi refrigerators offering precise temperature controls to store kimjang kimchi. November and December are traditionally when people begin to make kimchi.

Making Kimchi is hard working.
Much easier than before, but still should be working all day .
But Kimchi is so delicious and healthy food, so we make it every year.
I want to have more time to work for my works.

School closed and vacation start ......
These days, I wonder how long I can work.
Even if I don't know where my limits are, I am cleaning up my studio and keep going step by step for works now.
It is best thing I can do now.

Merry christmas and Happy new year!!!

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  1. Kimchi is SO delicious- especially home made- I want some now!!